Play with Perspectives and Structures

Whether emerging from the realm of the abstract or rooted in realism, my artworks are a play with dimensions and perspectives, utilizing a variety of techniques and media. From traditional brush and palette knife techniques with acrylic paints and texture pastes to pencil drawings and innovative methods that incorporate 3D printing as a relief component of artistic expression.

The piece displayed next to this text transforms the minuscule into the monumental. A cigarette butt, in reality barely two centimeters in size, unfolds on a canvas measuring 120x60cm. With meticulous care and a photorealistic approach, I layered acrylic paints to bring to life every small detail—the texture of the paper, the ash gathered at the base—inviting the viewer to pause and evoke associations that go beyond the visible.

The inspiration for this image came from a scientific study on the use of simulated smoking as an aid to overcome nicotine addiction. Art here transforms a commonplace symbol of addiction into a tool for reflection, prompting a dialogue about habits, dependency, and the potential for liberation.

Study on the effects of simulated smoking

In my surreal creations, I whisk viewers away to abstract landscapes that blur the boundaries of our reality. These worlds are not just visual escapes but invitations to embark on a mental journey into the unknown.

The diptych featured here captures the stunning dynamism of a carrot that—unexpectedly animate—blazes through a desert-like landscape with the speed of a racing car. The dust cloud, rendered almost tangible in a sculptural manner, and the smooth transitions of sunset hues from yellow to orange to red, create an atmosphere that is both heated and humorous.

The contrasts and movement within the images serve as a metaphor for the unlikely yet powerful impact that even the most inconspicuous objects can have when placed in a different context. The sun, dominating both images, is not merely a source of light but a symbolic anchor representing warmth, energy, and the relentless march of time.

This composition is a play on the absurd and the possible, a visual poem that raises the question of what might happen if the ordinary is flipped into the extraordinary.

In pursuit of a fusion between art and mathematics, I have dedicated recent years to creating sculptural artworks that marry the precision of geometric forms produced by 3D printing with the artisanal finesse of traditional painting.

The work presented, measuring 100cm x 80cm, is the culmination of a months-long process involving three different mathematical functions. Each function shapes a unique relief, presented in segments and individually color-accentuated. The simple frame with a shadow gap focuses attention on the vibrant life within the image.

The creation of this image began with playful exploration of mathematical formulas that led to captivating structures. These were transformed into 3D models, printed, and firmly attached to a solid base. Sanding and plastering created smooth transitions that served as the canvas for the subsequent color application. The painting technique employed is as complex as the image itself: a multitude of transparent glazes applied to enhance and vary the effect of light.

This artwork is an ode to the interplay of light and its influence on our perception. With each passing hour, the appearance of the image changes—whether it’s natural light streaming through the windows or artificial illumination. The glazing technique further amplifies this effect, transforming what appears to be a uniform color into a symphony of twenty or more transparent layers that subtly shift in hue with the light.