Princess Mila and the Magical Compass

A magical new adventure awaits Princess Mila!

In an old tower, during a game of hide-and-seek, Princess Mila discovers a hidden chamber. Inside, she finds a mysterious scroll and a magical compass – the beginning of an exciting adventure! Mila sets off in search of pieces of a golden cogwheel to repair a broken yogurt machine. Her journey takes her across the kingdom to remote and enchanting places.

A Visual Storytelling Journey

“Princess Mila and the Magical Compass” takes you into a world brought to life by vibrant comic-style illustrations that captivate both children and adults. The mix of engaging narratives and lively dialogues is perfect for reading aloud, making every page a unique adventure. The artistic design of the images is so captivating that the story remains vivid even without text.

Book Details

  • Number of Pages: 52 colorful pages
  • Language: German
  • Dimensions: A5, 148mm × 210mm × 5mm
  • Recommended Age: For children aged five years and older.

Paper or Digital?

Available in two formats:

Currently, the softcover paper edition in DIN A5 format is not available.

The digital version for Apple iBooks has been specially designed for the iPad, offering a reading experience comparable to the paper edition.

By purchasing this book, you support my future projects. All proceeds go towards the development of new books, and a portion is donated to charitable organizations and projects (see About Me).

Ideal for Young Readers

The texts are easy to understand and suitable for beginning readers. The book is ideal for reading aloud to children aged three years and older. Children aged five years and up can explore the story independently and immerse themselves in Princess Mila’s world.

A Comforting Tale

This book is specially designed for sensitive children or children with certain autism spectrum disorders who struggle with suspenseful or dangerous elements in stories. It is a pure “feel-good story,” free of dangers and thrilling plot twists, offering a comforting reading experience.

Insights into the Book

Here, explore selected images from the book to get an impression of its content.