The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere

A Fusion of Photos and Illustrations

In a magical world where beings cultivate light spheres, something unexpected happens: within one of these spheres, life begins to develop unnoticed. Deep inside this sphere, unfolds the story of a boy separated from his sister during the summer. To send her a message, he crafts a paper bird, hoping it will fly to her.

This book tells a mysterious and captivating story, illustrated through unique pages perfectly aligned with the text.

The visual presentation in “The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere” is a fascinating symbiosis of photography and illustration. This artistic fusion creates an atmosphere that is both dreamy and vivid, significantly contributing to the narrative. Each page has been carefully crafted, reflecting the nuances of the story and turning the book into a visual feast for the senses.

A Masterpiece of Artistic Collage

“The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere” is more than a book; it is an artistic interplay of textures, photographs, and illustrations. Each page of this work is the result of intense creative labor, where every detail has been meticulously developed to showcase the story in a truly special light.

For this project, I captured hundreds of photographs and spent countless hours working on paper to create the perfect textures. Each illustration was refined with utmost dedication and carefully merged with the textures and photographs to create a unique visual experience.

The inspiration for “The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere” came from my passion for macro photography. The story explores the shift in perspectives when diving into different scales, and addresses longing and hope. Instead of expanding the text, I chose to bring the story to life through visual art.

All drawings for the book were created digitally on a computer using a Wacom tablet. This method allowed me to work efficiently and seamlessly integrate the different media into each page.

Using a clever combination of software including Manga Studio (CLIP Studio), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign, I iteratively worked on the pages until each reached its final and perfect form.

Not Just a Children's Book

Although “The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere” is designed as a children’s book, it appeals to adults too, thanks to its profound storytelling and sophisticated artistic design. It is a book for all ages, transcending the boundaries of traditional children’s literature and appealing to lovers of art and sophisticated storytelling.

Book Details

  • Number of Pages: 46 colored pages
  • Language: German
  • Dimensions: 216mm × 216mm × 5mm
  • Recommended Age: From 10 years old

Insights into the Book

Discover some of the impressive images and contents of the book here.