Molly & Spiky

A Trilingual Story

In a dramatic moment, Spiky the hedgehog falls from a great tree, heading straight for a pond. Meanwhile, Molly the duck is peacefully enjoying the sunny weather on the water. Can Molly save her friend at the last second? And how did Spiky end up in this predicament? This exciting story is told in a charming picture book for children, illustrated by the talented artist Francesco Mazzola. The book offers a multilingual experience with texts in English, German, and Italian.

Three Languages at a Glance

In the paperback version, the texts appear in German, English, and Italian, neatly aligned below each other next to the illustrations. The digital versions are available in each language separately to ensure optimal readability on tablets.

Vivid Illustrations

The large-format illustrations by Francesco Mazzola are so expressive that they almost narrate the story without words. Children can easily follow the narrative, supported by the vibrant images.

Suitable Age

The story is ideal for reading aloud to children from the age of five. Unlike the Princess Mila books, this book contains a story arc, which is child-friendly and resolves quickly.

Book Details

  • Number of Pages: 38 colorful pages
  • Languages: German, Italian, English
  • Dimensions: A4, 210mm × 295mm × 5mm
  • Recommended Age: From five years old.

Paper or Digital Edition?

“Molly & Spiky” is available in two versions:

Insights into the Book

Discover some of the fascinating illustrations and content of the book here.